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Storing cashmere jumpers - How to store cashmere when the season is over

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If you have already asked yourself how to store your cashmere jumper when the high temperatures move through town again, then you have come to the right place. The noble cashmere fabric reacts quickly and very sensitively to incorrect care. But loving cashmere care is worthwhile to maintain the life cycle of your beloved piece as long as possible. Part of proper care is also proper storage once your good cashmere jumper has done its job for the season. We show you how to store your cashmere jumper and how to protect your precious cashmere from moths here.

Storing cashmere jumpers - here's how to do it right

The soft wool of the cashmere goat feels most comfortable when lying down. Ideally, you should store your cashmere scarf or jumper lying down. This way the fibres keep their shape and you can be sure that the textile will not deform until the next season. 

Storing cashmere in the wardrobe.For storage, it is a good idea to put the cashmere jumper in an airtight box. You can simply store the box in your wardrobe - preferably dark and not too warm - ideal conditions for the cashmere fabric to feel comfortable.

When storing, be sure to avoid pressure. Especially if the cashmere pieces will be stored for several months, care should be taken to avoid excessive pressure. Handle the fabric carefully when stowing - stuffing and squeezing can cause the fibres to break.

Cashmere on summer break

Even if you would like to wear your favourite garment every day for every occasion, sooner or later the moment comes when the best pieces have had their day for the season and end up in the wardrobe. You can admire the special features of cashmere in our article "Cashmere - properties and extraction of the precious wool".

One of these special features is that cashmere can also be worn in summer. Due to the unique heat-regulating properties of the precious wool, cashmere creates a fantastically soft feeling on the skin even on warm days. Blends of cashmere with other high-quality fabrics, such as silk, also offer loyal companionship through the warm season. 

Young woman wearing a light cashmere jumper as sun rays shine on her face.

If the jumper does end up in your wardrobe one day, be sure to keep the above points in mind when storing wool jumpers so that your beloved piece can shine in all its glory next season.

fight off wrinkles and moths

You have stowed away your cashmere jumper in the wardrobe over the summer - but what is it? After storing it, you suddenly find ugly moth holes in the precious fabric. Hardly anything is as annoying as cashmere wool destroyed by moths. But how can you now store your woollen jumper mothproof and protect your beloved cashmere from moths?

Clothes moths are quite choosy when it comes to laying their eggs. The larvae of the moths need keratin, which is found in animal hair such as wool, including cashmere. To protect your cashmere from moths, you can put a scented sachet filled with lavender, dried orange peel or cedar wood in your wardrobe. The scents also provide a pleasant aroma in the wardrobe and keep other voracious insects away.

Cedar pendant for cashmere clothing against moths

Insider tip: Even a small bar of soap keeps moths away from your clothes.

Even with the most careful storage, creases usually develop over longer periods of time. The unsightly creases in the fabric can hardly be avoided when storing cashmere, but in most cases they can be removed quickly and easily. Our article "Cashmere ironing - How to dry and iron your cashmere gently" describes exactly what you should take into account so that your cashmere can show itself in its full glory without wrinkles. It is best to place a cotton cloth between the iron and the cashmere fabric so as not to ruin the delicate wool.

With our Cashmere Care Set, we have made long-term care easier for you. The set contains a detergent that has been specially developed for cashmere textiles to gently clean and ideally care for your favourite piece. To avoid annoying fluff, the set also includes a pilling comb. Last but not least, cedar wood is included to keep moths and other uninvited guests away from your clothes.


  • It is best to store cashmere wool products in a dry and airtight place for a long time.
  • For longer storage, it is recommended to store the textile in an airtight storage box in the wardrobe.
  • Place the garment neatly and loosely folded in a box so that the fibres are not compressed during storage.
  • To keep moths away, use lavender or cedar wood as a natural insect repellent in your wardrobe.
  • Wrinkles can be easily removed with an iron on the lowest setting. To do this, place a cotton cloth between the iron and the cashmere fabric.