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Washing cashmere - What to consider for the next wash cycle

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How to wash your cashmere jumper and what else you need to know about cashmere care, we explain step by step here. Because we know that you would love to wear your beloved cashmere jumper every day. And it's no wonder! The fantastically soft material feels light as a feather on the skin and can be combined in timeless ways. Of course, it can happen from time to time that your favourite jumper gets stained.

Many often shy away from washing their beloved cashmere jumper. But we can make it easier for you! With the right handling and care, not only will the stain be gone in no time, you will also extend the life cycle of the valuable precious wool. 

Wash cashmere, or would you rather air it?

First of all, you should wash your cashmere clothing or other cashmere textiles as rarely as possible. Before washing, it is a good idea to ask yourself whether washing is really necessary. On average, you should wash your cashmere jumper after every fourth wear, provided it is not heavily soiled, of course. This is not because the washing or care is otherwise too tedious, but because of the wonderful properties of the cashmere fibre.

Cashmere goats enjoy a lot of fresh air, as you can also read in the article "Cashmere - Where does the noblest wool in the world come from?you can read in the article "Cashmere - Where does the noblest wool in the world come from? Your cashmere scarf or jumper enjoys just as much fresh air. It is a good idea to air your cashmere textiles often to rid them of unpleasant odours and to protect the fabric. Damp ambient air is particularly effective against strong odours. The fibres from the underfur of cashmere goats are naturally dirt and odour repellent. That's why odours disappear again very quickly when you air your cashmere jumper.

Close-up of a cashmere fabric in anthracite.

The fibres from the underfur of cashmere goats have naturally odour-repellent and self-cleaning properties. These make it easy to care for your cashmere garments. In addition, airing has an optimal effect against unsightly wrinkling. It is also advisable to let cashmere garments hang in the wardrobe for 24 hours between wearing. This gives the high-quality fabric a day to recover and keep it looking new for longer.

But now it has actually happened. A stain on your beloved cashmere jumper! In this case, there is only one thing left to do: Off to the wash. When washing cashmere, there are a few key points you should keep in mind to preserve the longevity of your garment. Basically, you can wash your cashmere jumper (of quality) carefree in the washing machine as well as by hand.

Washing cashmere - in the washing machine

Washing is a particularly important point when caring for cashmere, as the wrong wash can quickly bring unattractive consequences. With a few tips, however, you can clean your beloved cashmere garments effortlessly.

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It is a myth that cashmere should not be washed in the washing machine. Washing machines are now also ideal for cleaning sophisticated materials and therefore also for cleaning cashmere. Be careful not to wash your cashmere with other garments with zips or belt buckles. Ideally, wash cashmere garments with 3-4 other cashmere pieces or place your jumper in its own washing net. When machine washing, follow these steps:

  • Make sure to wash your cashmere jumper only in a gentle wool, gentle, or hand wash cycle that gently swings the wash at a low temperature to prevent deformation of the fabric. It is especially important to avoid high temperatures when washing (max. 30°C).
  • Be sure to turn your garments inside out before washing to preserve the delicate surface of the material.
  • A low spin cycle (600 revolutions) can further accelerate the drying process.
  • A special detergent for natural fibres is particularly important. You can read more about this in the article below.

Insider tip: You can also put a towel in the drum with you to balance the forces inside the washing machine

Cashmere wash - hand wash

In order to clean your garment gently when hand washing, you should observe the following points:

  • Leave the fabric in lukewarm water (max. 30°C) with a special detergent for a few minutes.
  • When hand washing, you must be especially careful not to soak your cashmere garment for too long, otherwise the fibres will wear out and the jumper will lose its shape.
  • Caution: Cashmere tends to mat when you rub and brush the fabric! Handwash your cashmere as gently as possible to avoid damage.
  • After washing, rinse gently with cold water until all detergent residues are removed.
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Whether hand washing or machine washing, lay your cashmere garment on a towel after washing. Then roll up the towel with your cashmere textile and squeeze out the excess liquid. It is especially important not to wring out the fabric too tightly after washing, but to carefully squeeze the liquid out of the textile

Special detergent for cashmere

The most important aspect to consider when washing cashmere wool is the right detergent. In order not to damage the precious fabric, it is recommended to use a special detergent suitable for cashmere. Conventional mild detergent is not gentle enough for the delicate fabric. With a special detergent for natural fibres, the natural protective view of the wool fibres is preserved, as these detergents have a re-greasing effect.

You should definitely keep your hands off chemical cleaners and fabric softeners. These attack the fibres of the precious fabric and leave unwanted traces. An alternative to natural fibre detergent is a hair shampoo without chemical additives. 

In conclusion, however, it remains to be said that you take the least risk and take the best care of your cashmere garment with a detergent specially designed for natural fibres. Our Cashmere detergent is sufficient for around 12 machine washes or 25 hand washes. Made from natural substances, it washes particularly gently and at the same time extremely effectively.

Mogli & Martini Cashmere Detergent

If, despite the right care, you notice that your cashmere jumper is no longer as soft as it was on the first day, we have a little secret tip: after washing, you can put the damp jumper in the freezer for one to two hours. A normal freezer bag is suitable for this. After the cold shock, lay the jumper flat to dry so that no unwanted creases occur. Alternatively, you can put the jumper in the dryer for a short time on the lowest setting. The lowest setting of the dryer is very important as we try to avoid heat during drying to protect the cashmere fibres. You can read more about drying in our article "Cashmere ironing - How to dry and iron your cashmere gently".


  • Wash your beloved cashmere jumper as infrequently as possible - on average, it is recommended to washcashmere after every fourth wear.
  • When washing your cashmere in the washing machine, be sure to use a gentle wool cycle and a low spin cycle.
  • Turn your textile inside out before washing and be sure to wash the precious wool at a low temperature (max. 30°C).
  • You should use a special detergent for natural fibres, both for washing in the washing machine and for hand washing.
  • Before hand washing, soak cashmere for a short time in lukewarm water with a special detergent.
  • Be careful not to rub or brush the fabric, otherwise it will become matted.
  • After hand washing, rinse the textile with cold water.
  • Then lay your cashmere jumper on a spread-out towel. Now roll up the towel with the jumper and squeeze out the excess liquid.
  • Shape your jumper into the desired shape and let it dry on the towel, or spread out on a clothes horse.